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The BEST time of the year!

I feel like I am preaching to the choir here but its officially my favorite time of the year! We are calving! I have written in the past about how being out in the cow pasture is my absolute favorite place to be, especially now that we have some spring grass. West Michigan weather can be super odd... we have had some 70+ degree days and everything is growing so fast! Makes me just want to stay outside for hours.

It may be the best time of year but this time it feels a little different for me... maybe its because chasing after little calves to tag them or really anything at all makes me tired. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am not doing said things though. The reason? Well this farm girl is due with her first baby in August! Just recently, like in the last week or so you can finally tell. Over 5 months in and then pop goes the belly. Ah well, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. It's been a roller coaster ride so far. I just finally did my "announcement" to the world on Facebook a week or so ago... in a very "me" way. Check this out...

Like I said, its very me! :) So now I am trying to cope with all the pregnancy things, pretty up my house on the outside because it needs it desperately, finish up working in the hog barns, and now calving. I try and make time for all of it, especially the latter.

I know there have to be some of you out there that have done the being pregnant while farming gig. Tell me how you go through! I mean, it can't be that horrible right? There will eventually very soon, be thing that I cannot do anymore, bending over is quickly becoming one of them. But for now I just keep on a trucking. I will be subjected to baby showers within the next month and I am not looking forward to it...(I also didn't like my bridal showers..). However, I will be extremely grateful for all the help, words of wisdom, and gifts that Matt and I will be receiving. So far this kid has heard a lot of little piggies squealing along with cows and sheep bawling. I have every intention of getting this baby into the barn as soon as I can. That is what I am excited about. Sharing that love and nurturing it for the next generation.

So because of this little bundle of joy, I have decided that it probably is in my best interest to not show cattle this year as sad as that may be. I was working toward going to the Ohio Valley show in a couple weeks but this kid along with the weather that never cooperated so that I could properly fit them made it kind of impossible. I will still be there though! I can help as needed and would love to frankly. So hit me up in Ohio!

~'Till Next Time

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