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Welcome to Shamrock Meats, LLC.
Online ordering is ready to serve you.
Place an order online and have it ready to pick up during business hours. If you need a special pick up time, just let us know and we will try and accommodate. We have a cooler for after hours easy pick up.
Our store hours:
Friday: 12pm-5pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Store is located in downtown Zeeland at Emily's house. 
51Lawrence Ave., Zeeland, MI 49464​

2023 Farmers Markets
Done until 2024

Shamrock Meats

Who am I and Why are We Different?

Who am I?

I’m Emily. I’m a farmer’s daughter turned farmer and a mother turned entrepreneur. My family has talked about opening our own meat shop for years, and I decided now is the time. I have extensive experience in the meat industry. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in animal science with a specialty in meat processing and technology. I was also a prominent member of the meat judging team (grading meat quality in competitions) as a student and have coached the state champion 4H meat judging teams in the past. I have worked jobs specializing in pigs and sheep, but I always return to my passion in our Irish Dexter Cattle.  
I am married and have a beautiful girl (who has seen and experienced more than the average 6 year old) and a very adventurous boy! Both kids head to the farm with me to learn the business. When my daughter was young, I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible so my supportive husband pushed me to chase my dream of a family meat business and I can’t thank him enough. I’m back to the farm where my family and I raise our animals to feed your family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Why is our meat different?

Our beef is born and raised at Shamrock Acres. We have raised registered Irish Dexter Cattle for the last 30 years. Since our cattle are registered, we know who is who, who came from who and where. If we cannot support our beef demand with steers we raise on our farm, we buy Dexter steers from other breeders. Because we believe in our breed and our beef, you won’t see any other imitators in our freezer. Only our best Dexter beef.  
We have just as much faith in our lambs and goats. We work with them daily to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of meat possible.  All of our animals are well cared for and are allowed to roam their pastures during all of warm months. 
Our pigs are hand raised by friends of ours on another small family farm
. They are raised in groups that are able to go outside and do what pigs do best, root and forage.  We know the farms we select them from, we know the bloodlines of the animals, we ensure their quality of care and life.  We pay attention to all of these things so you don’t have too.  Farm to fork is our calling. 
We know the animal, the husbandry, the difference.

Come experience that difference with us!

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