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We have used many bulls over the years. Here you will find some pictures and links to their pedigrees.

Callen of Old Orchard

Callen came from Marcia Read in Pennsylvania. He was our first Dexter bull

Emerald Daniel

Daniel was a black chondro carrier bull

Shamrock Rush Limbull

Rush was a black bull out of our own breeding

Shamrock Cal Dandy

Cal was also a black bull out of our own breeding

Earlona Eric

Eric was our first non black bull. He was dun and a non carrier of Chondrodysplasia. We imported him from Earl and Winona Crapp in Ontario, Canada. 

Falkirk's Eoin

Eoin came to us from MaryLynn Thompson in Lawrence, MI. He was also dun.

Earlona Max

We went back to Canada to bring in our first red bull. Max also came from the Crapps.

Shamrock Padraig

Padraig was a dun bull out of Eric


Loki was a red bull. We have many descendants of him throughout our herd. He originally came from John Potter in Galien, MI. 

Shamrock Yogi

Yogi was our first bull to go to show. The most calm and laid back boy. After he sired a few calves at home, he was then too related to the rest of the herd. In November 2014 he was sold to Lynne Simpson in Faber, VA. Yogi now resides on Walton's Mountain and is living the high life!

Shamrock Zephyr

Zephyr is a dark red bull out of our own breeding. He also carried dun and tested A1/A2. 

High Pines Rex

Morning Star Houdini

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HC GF Glenn Finn

ADCA# 043109

Finn came to us from Norm and <ary Hoover in Kansas. He was black and carried red, no dun. Dehorned. 

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