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Quick update: Keep on moving-new baby included!

I have to say the last couple weeks have been something of a blur. If you haven't followed along closely on Facebook or Instagram, we welcomed our baby boy a little early! James Joseph Boeve was born at 37wks the end of May. Sorting through life with a newborn and a 4.5yr old has been quite something especially when everyone wants all of your attention at all times.

With the market season starting up last week in Hudsonville, I had multiple people shocked that I was out at the market at 1wk postpartum. I have a few reasons why I thought I needed to be there.

  1. Shamrock Meats is my business and farmer's markets are key to my success, especially for the summer. I know I have a steady client base in Hudsonville that I didn't want to let down. I know, people would have probably understood if I wasn't there but...

  2. After being on almost bedrest and having a fairly miserable pregnancy in general, I needed to to do what I could to try and get some semblance of normalcy back. Moving around and starting to get some exercise was/is key to my own mental health. Between having a baby that thinks he needs to sleep almost only while being held and the 4.5yr old that is an early riser... its been tired out. Going to market is a little escape for me and that's ok.

So what's on the docket now that James is here? More of the same! Shamrock Meats will still be an active participant in two farmers markets this year. You can find us Hudsonville at Terra Square on Wednesdays and the last Saturday of the month from 9-1pm now through September. Also starting on June 16, you will be able to find us back in Kentwood behind the Kentwood City Hall on Thursday evenings from 4:30-7:30pm.

We are going to try and keep stocked up with all of the favorite cuts of meat as best as we can. With the increase in demand, increase in feed prices, and literally everything costing more money... I am trying to do my best by my customers. If there is something that we don't carry that you would like us to carry, please feel free to let me know and I can try to get those things in stock.

We will still have open hours in Zeeland on Fridays from 12-5pm and Saturdays from 9-12pm. Being that we are a small family business that also gets tapped to do chores at the farm or a variety of other commitments, hours do tend to vary some. For the most up to date info, check out our Facebook page. I will almost always post if we are closed for some reason. Delivery will still be offered as well, just be patient with us as we figure out how to manage 2 kids along with 2 businesses.

We aren't ones to be secluded for a period of time with a new baby. Honestly, we stopped at Target on our way home from the hospital for some essentials. We did the same thing with Felicity when she was born. James was outside with us at less than a week old hanging out while Matt and I planted our small garden. He hasn't made a trek to the barn yet since our weather the last week or so has been less than stellar for a baby to be outside, but I'm sure he'll meet all those sheep he heard very soon!

As always, watch your emails for restock alerts! Whole chickens, along with more beef and pork, will be moving into the freezer in the next few days! For now, here's some baby pictures from the last couple weeks!

~Until Next Time

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