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Why not?

As I sit in the truck on our way to a cattle show, I have plenty of time to contemplate the happenings in my life lately. It’s to the point where what’s one more thing to do? Why not... 

As you have probably read or seen, I officially opened the retail meat business at the beginning of the month. That’s been a rollercoaster ride of time, money, emotions that I don’t typically have... anxiety that is normally very under control has been a little unruly lately. 

I have high expectations for myself and my business. Probably higher than I really should have when I am trying to juggle being a wife, mom, farmer, business owner, 4H leader and every other hat that I wear on a weekly basis. 

So when the idea of hey, let’s go show some cattle came up... why not? So with fighting the weather that we’ve been having in the lovely mitten of Michigan, I’ve also been trying to get some cattle ready enough to go to a early show. Are they perfect? Shoot not even close. Are they dead broke? Nope. But we will be there. I’ve gotten this far, it’s too late to chicken out and turn back. Once I’ve set my mind to something it’s hard to get me to change. But if you know me or if you’ve been reading my blog posts in the past you have probably gleaned that. 

There’s always an adventure in life. Stepping out of the comfort zone, pushing yourself beyond what you thought was possible. I wouldn’t say it’s always healthy for me to be like that but when I’m ok with that. I’ve come to accept it. Life won’t slow down just because you’re tired. People still need to eat, animals need care, and that awful thing called laundry must be done. Believe me, I’m tired. I drink coffee a good majority of the day, not super healthy I know... but such it is.

Let’s take chances and seize the opportunities. Go to the show in Ohio, sign up for that Farmers market, and show someone your passion. You’ll never regret the time spent doing what you love. Even if it does keep you up at night. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

~Until Next Time

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