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Getting Things Done

As most of my readers know, I am mom of a 1 year old girl. She is a busy kid. Getting into everything, chasing my cats, loving my dog, and of course mooing at the cattle: her favorite. She makes things challenging but so entertaining at the same time.

However, something has been weighing on my mind since yesterday afternoon. My mom and I were stretching some new electric fence wire on some property we are renting. The owner's wife came out to chat a minute. Mostly pleasantries and such we exchanged but then she looks at us and says something along the lines of "it's just you two and the baby? You're doing the work?"

Why yes, yes we were. I'm almost offended that someone would think that we would need a man to help us do the farm work. I don't think she meant anything by it though. However, most of the time, if it needs to get done and we can do it? We do. We get things done. It doesn't matter if its sorting cattle, building fence, demolition, hauling livestock... we do it. So when someone looks at us with a look of surprise? It kind of bothers me.

My parents taught me to do for myself. Growing up with the 3 older brothers didn't always mean that I had it easy. Instead, being 7 years behind my next brother taught me to be more self sufficient, especially when it came to things around the farm and growing up showing livestock. My parents were not always available to help me with my projects especially at the county fair. But that's ok! I never hold that against them. They were running the shows. It always made my accomplishments that much sweeter because I did the work. Recently, someone told me... I like you because you like to just get things done. I take that as a major compliment.

Fast forward to present time.

How do I want my baby girl to grow up? Strong. That's how. A fighter. A go getter. Self Sufficient. Frankly, I think we are off to a good start. I am by no means saying that she needs to grow up to never need help or need a man. That's far from it. Everyone needs help at some points in time, it takes a strong person to admit that they need it. So what am I saying? I want her to be able to grow and work alongside anyone. Work just as hard as any man, but humble enough to know that she can't always do it all.

My mom and I work hard. We could do way more than we do however, we don't need to work ourselves to the bone. We work with our husbands. My dad and Matt do things that my mom and I don't do. We appreciate that even if they both have regular jobs too.

So in the meantime, my little girl will do farm work along side her mom and Nana. She'll learn by watching and doing, just like I did. Even if it means taking a little longer to get things done.

~Until Next Time

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