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Idle Hands Serve a Purpose

Ever feel like you are perpetually busy but you seem to be ok with it? Lately I’ve had the feeling of I don’t know what to do but I can’t just sit here. Nice weather hits and off to the races I go. Almost like I have to have something to do or I go a little insane.

The past few days my husband has been on “vacation.” It was one of those use it or lose it type of deals so he used what he could before this residency year was finished. So he’s been home for the last week. We’ve been picking things off our to do list slowly and he’s been having a lot of daddy daughter time with Felicity.

But I almost can’t help but be a little... annoyed with him? I don’t mean to be but I feel like it’s just how I’m wired. Relaxation and sitting around isn’t in the cards for me. On my “days off” I always feel like I have to do things. Get something accomplished. “Oh it’s still light out? I need to be outside...” He’s not like that. He takes that time to recoup for the next thing. Video games and tv watching are his mainstays. Something that requires no life or death decision making or brain power. I don’t blame him. He makes decisions for people and their health all the time. It wears a person out. My work is all physically draining, on my feet working with my hands. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what I do and always have!

It keeps me well rounded. Problem solving and sometimes creativity if need be. But isn’t that every day on a Farm? Macgyvering your way through situations is basically any farmers super power. Haha. For me though the need to keep active and work with my hands makes life challenging. It brings sometimes unneeded stress like having a meeting 3/5 week nights... but most of the time it’s for the good of something I believe in. Being a chair on an event committee for my local Farm Bureau, teaching sheep/goat showmanship to my 4H kids, 4H council meetings, keeping my website updated, planning out beef/pork/lamb sales, planning for our county fair, or just trying to get things squared away with the cattle it... all takes time and energy. Not to mention I have a speedy 9 month old who also love to be outside!

I have to say I have one super supportive husband even if his ability to relax drives me a little crazy sometimes. He pushes me to continue to do what I love everyday and make leaps like buying a heifer to add to the herd even if she comes all the way from Tennessee. Yes, I just bought a heifer to add to the mix. He fully supported that decision and told me to look at it like an investment opportunity. Which I guess in a way Lola is an investment in my future herd. She will not be able to give me a return on that investment for a couple of years as she is a November 2017 heifer but that’s ok. I will have fun with her in the meantime. She will hopefully allow me to go and show some cattle this fall. I hope. I mean, Matt told me to go for it, so why not?

So aside from husband being super supportive saying it’s ok for me to go back to work a few months back and that doesn’t make me a bad mom, it just rolls into the whole idea behind this post. Idle hands do not mean that you are not serving a purpose. It just means you are trying to plan your next move. I just happen to have what seems like many irons in the fire at all times. Matt’s ok with that and I need to learn how to relax more often.

He sends me to the cow pasture when I am really being a pain. He says, “Go relax! Be with your cows!”

He gets me. For that I am thankful.

~Until Next Time

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