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Making a Name for Yourself

As I have mentioned in the past, I grew up with these little cows literally my entire life. With my dad holding various positions within the ADCA for as long as I can remember it sometimes feels like I am in his shadow. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, but people don't always recognize the fact that I do happen to know a thing or two about cattle or livestock in general. Some just assume that because I am the daughter that I didn't spend the time in the barn...contrary to popular opinion that's my favorite place to be.

I tend to fly under the radar most of time, but there have been multiple occasions that I have spoken up and given my opinion on social media about different Dexter topics. There are probably people because I'm not a "known name" that don't take me seriously... especially now because of my married name. They may think "oh, what does she know... she's probably a newbie just like the person asking the questions." I try to not take offense because the purely have no idea who I am and that's sometimes ok.

Now though it's time for me to step up and step out! Say here I am, know me! Take me seriously! I am a partner with my parents for the Shamrock herd now. It's exciting for me. I love our cows. I can tell you all about pedigrees, temperaments, quirks for each and genetic traits for nearly every cow and calf in the herd. I want to be able to share that knowledge with people. I want to share this breed. It's time people. It's my time.

Edited to add:

A note about making a name... While I would never want to change our herd name because its been around for almost 30 years (!) it is unique to us. People have heard of the "Shamrock" cattle. There are some herd prefixes that are so non-discript. They are more like initials instead of something that can be remembered. You have to realize that these herd names will be in pedigrees forever. You want to be known. Make it known. Make it yours.

Until Next Time...

P.S. the next post will cover our herd health day!

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