Sometimes You Need A Push

Leadership. How does one find themselves in these roles? More than likely they were volunteered and/or pushed into it. Or like I like to say, voluntold. Sometimes events like that can work out for the better. It makes you step up and put your money where your mouth is. Usually the reason you end up in that role is because you are always talking about how you would do things differently or, how you like to think that you could do them better.

I have found myself in these spots quite a few times in my adult life so far... it makes my life a challenge but it also keeps me busy when Matt has long days/nights at the hospital. As I have mentioned before, I am an avid 4H leader; however, I was pretty much pushed into that position right after I aged out, and I mean RIGHT after. I finished showing for the last time in August and I was already made a leader by the time the end of October came around. I wouldn't trade my time with the 4H kids for anything though. Watching them grow and change is one of the