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Managing Expectations vs Reality

Since we haven't started calving yet on the farm here's a business post:

As opening day for Shamrock Meats draws near there are a whole raft of doubts and fears that creep in daily...

Will I have what people need? Will people even want to buy from me? Will I have enough margin to stay afloat? Can I do the product justice with my marketing?

If you know me personally, you know that when I have a passion for something it's like a wildfire. I have my opinions and I like to stick to them. I am well aware that this can definitely be a hindrance in things like business practices. I am not always the best at talking to people, I am much more comfortable in the barn with the livestock or in a meat locker. BUT that's not the current path I have chosen, for the most part. Instead I have thrown myself into the small business world where word of mouth is everything. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

That's the part that truly scares me. Can I manage my opinions and soap boxes enough to sell my product without a hitch? Goodness I hope so. It's a little intimidating. How do I market myself and my business? How do I reach the community? My husband would like to see me go to one of the local farmer's markets. I am trying to decide if it's feasible or if I am even ready to do something like that. More like mentally ready. I will have more than enough product in my freezers...

In reality I just need a good kick in the pants to just go for it. We are putting a lot of money into this big plan so there shouldn't be any excuse not to do it. I mean if we have product that doesn't sell, we have meat to eat, right?

Now the question is, what am I missing? Is there anything I should do to be ready for a jump to a farmer's market? Anything I should have along to offer the public as far as information/educational items? I need help. Give me your thoughts!

My 20cuft freezer will be more than full by the beginning of next week! I had the opportunity to look at the two beef I sent to Caledonia Packing yesterday and I am more than happy with how they look at this point.

Along with the beef though, I will have two lambs and 1 1/2 pigs in the freezer! So if you have ever wanted to try lamb chops or want to make traditional shepherd's pie, let me know. If smoked meats are what you're looking for, DeVries Meats does some of the best smoking around! Bacon, ham, ham slices, picnic shoulders, ham hocks... I'll have it.

Beef, pork and lamb all right off the bat! Not what I originally thought would happen but now we are just running with it. Crazy times and full speed ahead!

Opening day will be May 1st! I should have inventory on what will be our online ordering system hopefully by Tuesday. If you have something you would like to try right away, shoot me an email and I'll let you know if we will carry it.

Or you can shoot me a message on our Facebook page too

If you are interested in seeing an inventory/price list ahead of time, let me know!

You saw it here first folks, opening day! Holy cow it's happening. Excuse me while I go drink all the coffee I possibly can...

Give me all your thoughts! I would love to hear them.

~Until Next Time

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